Dedicated to ?Get In The Game? Real Estate Investing

I?ve been in the real estate investment business for a long time. Like many people, I?ve been burned, been taken advantage of, and received plenty of bad advice. The good news is that those experiences have helped me learn and grow. Now, over 15 years later, I?ve mentored countless people on how to get started in real estate, done hundreds of deals, and run a successful real estate
investing company.

Unfortunately, I continue to observe many people wasting time and money before they actually start investing. I am painfully aware of all of their questions and concerns, like ?It costs too much money,? ?I don?t know where to start,? ?I don?t have enough time in my schedule to learn everything,? and ?I don?t know how to find good deals.?

That?s why I founded Vesdor, which is my way of helping investors just get in the game. For years, people have asked me why they can?t invest alongside me and my team in our deals. Now they can! Vesdor is here to be your investment partner. We?ll be active so you can be passive . . . and we have structured the investments so we don?t get paid until you do!

Now, please, take the more productive path . . . just get in the game.


We Have Decades of Combined Experience
Doing Deals

And We Have Taught Hundreds How to Get Started in Real Estate

Our team is proud of our impressive track record as real estate investors, educators, brokers, and mortgage bankers. We have also excelled as Wall Street analysts and in the hedge fund industry. Our experience has taught us that the key to making money is to be in the market and to leverage the advantages of in-depth knowledge and far-reaching relationships. With Vesdor, we bring those advantages to you!


Deals Done



Meet The Team

Brad Podhajsky


Brad is the President of Investors Realty Resource of Colorado (IRROC), the largest and fastest growing real estate investment club in the Rocky Mountain Region. Brad has been successfully investing in real estate for over 15 years and is well known as a Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Investment Educator and Real Estate Broker in the greater Denver Metropolitan area. He has purchased and sold more than 400 properties and trained more than 250 real estate investors on how to get started in real estate and how to grow wealth and passive income once you are in the game.

John Bixler


John Bixler is a finance and accounting executive with over 30 years of experience. He led capitalization efforts for multiple hedge funds, raising more than $250 Million in assets. As a Certified Public Accountant, John has been a controller for both public and private companies and worked in the public accounting arena.

Travis Abbott

Properties Advisor

Travis has been an active real estate investor since 1996. He has purchased, renovated, rented and sold more than 500 commercial and residential properties in the last eight years in Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri. Travis has a well-earned perspective on how to get started in real estate on both the buy side and the sell side. Travis previously worked as a mortgage broker and operated a $300M mortgage bank.

Murray Arenson

Operations Advisor

Murray is a proven expert in the fields of executive management, financial operations, capital raising, and investor relations. He spent 15 years as a Wall Street analyst, receiving acclaim as a WSJ Home Run Hitter and All Star Analyst. More recently, he has focused on driving capital raising and operational growth for entrepreneurial ventures including award-winning whiskey producer Distillery 291 and the clients of Pluribus Capital.

Emily Pryor

Office Manager

Emily Pryor has been involved in residential real estate her entire 20-year career. A seasoned administrator, she has managed the acquisition, management and disposition of bank REO portfolios, short sales and retail listings. Ms. Pryor is a licensed real estate agent with extensive experience in all phases of property acquisition, management and sales.

Vesdor has a Unique Advantage
and an Easy System

New investors,
This is how to get started in real estate!

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The Vesdor team has been doing this successfully for about 15 years!

Per Year
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*Annual returns are estimated based on total returns from income and appreciation, assuming a five-year holding period and 2-3% annual appreciation. Investors should be prepared to assume the risk of real estate investing, including the potential complete loss of their investment. Vesdor provides additional details and disclosures in association with each investment opportunity.