Own tangible properties. Get real cash income from owning rental property. Leave the actual work to Vesdor.

You can finally have access to passive real estate income. Vesdor is for both non-accredited and accredited investors interested in owning rental property! Get in the game with Vesdor as your trusted partner instead of dealing with third party brokers and anonymous marketplace sources.

Generate attractive returns without the hassle of being an active investor. Vesdor targets properties that will generate 8-12% annualized returns for you — and Vesdor will source the properties and handle the property management obligations.


Become an Approved Member

You must be a member to be granted access to Vesdor investment opportunities. Vesdor is not a third-party broker or a marketplace operator. Rather, we are your investment partner, which means that we source our properties ourselves. As such, we require that prospective investors become members, then we confirm that our investments are suitable for you and vice-versa.

Sign Up. To apply for membership, head to our Membership Application page to securely provide some basic information and pay a $199 annual membership fee. (FYI, we will waive your future renewal fees if you are an active Vesdor investor!)

Let’s Get to Know Each Other. We will then reach out to you to help you learn about Vesdor?s properties and deal structures, while we learn about your investment situation and objectives and make sure they are aligned with our opportunities. This is an important step for both of us. Vesdor will notify you at the completion of this process and grant you access to the Vesdor investment opportunities for owning rental property.


Review our Opportunities and Invest

Take a look at the properties that we currently have available as well as the properties that we have already purchased. Examine the details pages of the available properties and the highlighted metrics including the projected return rate for each property.

Enter an Investment Pledge on a Specific Property. If you see a property available that satisfies your interest and objectives, submit a pledge of a specific investment amount on that property — from as little as $5,000 up to the total unfunded amount of the property?s purchase price.

Or Enter an Investment Indication in our Property Queue. If you don?t currently see a property that satisfies your interest and objectives — or if our property availabilities are temporarily sold out — submit an Investment Indication on yet-to-be-announced property by entering a planned investment amount and any related constraints on your Investment Indication submission. Then we will notify you on a first-come first-served basis when the next qualifying opportunity for owning rental property becomes available, so that you may confirm your Indication with an Investment Pledge.


Review the Investment Documents for your Selected Property.

Read and acknowledge the information in the investment documents, and sign the subscription agreement electronically utilizing our DocuSign system. We encourage investors to utilize legal counsel when signing investment documents and committing investment funds.


Fund your Investment.

Follow the online instructions to securely fund your investment via a check, bank wire, or automated clearing house (ACH) transaction.


Begin Owning Rental Property and Collect your Income!

Vesdor will finalize the purchase documentation and provide you with copies and access. Upon closing, most properties will immediately begin generating income. Vesdor will distribute the income regularly via ACH or paper checks. You will also be provided with online access to regular downloadable reports regarding your investments, so you can track your returns and manage your cash flows!

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